Hotel und Restaurant Brückenschänke in Sebnitz

A very warm welcome at our hotel and restaurant Brückenschänke!

Our small hotel is located in the heart of the national park "Saxon Switzerland", one of the greatest landscapes of all Germany, about 60 kilometers south-east from the capital of Saxony - Dresden. An only 5 minutes-drive takes you to the border of the Tscheck Republic into the "Bohemian Switzerland". Both parks are a great area for trekking, climbing, mountain biking and for canoeing at the river Elbe. But not only sportsmen are happy to be here. There are lots of places worth seeing only a short distance by car away from our hotel. Starting with our hometown Sebnitz, which is world famous for the traditional production of artificial flowers. (More information at the Sebnitz-homepage).

You can find our restaurant at the old part of our hotel, which is more then 125 years old, but was completely renovated some years ago. There are different rooms for dining or to give a party:

  • one room decorated with old railway lamps, steam engine-licence plates, old photos of railway buildings and much more (up to 20 persons)
  • one room with photos of our family history, old furniture postcards (up to 15 persons)
  • the cellar built with sandstone into the granite rocks (up to 18 persons)
  • the wintergarden with African flair, African woodart, hunting trophies (up to 45 persons)
  • the conference room (up to 20 persons)
  • the breakfast room for the hotel guests

Chief of the kitchen is Andreas Motz, the owner, himself. He is proud of the interesting menu he created. There are international dishes, but also traditional German ones, very good steaks, fish and some exotically dishes, like ostrich steaks. Good salads and low fett dishes are available as well as vegetarian dishes.

The hotel rooms are located at the 1993 new built part of our house.

There are 13 rooms with

  • comfortable furniture,
  • TV,
  • alarm clock,
  • minibar,
  • separate bathroom with shower and hair dryer.

Free parking, also for busses is possible directly in front of the hotel. The hotel sauna is free for hotel guests. Pets are welcome. We speak English, Hungarian, a little bit of Russian, French and Italian and we try to understand everybody.
Enjoy the warm and familiar atmosphere of our small hotel, the individual service, nice food and our wonderful landscape.

Whether you travel for holidays or business - You´ll have a great time at our hotel BRÜCKENSCHÄNKE!

Barbara and Andreas Motz are looking forward to your visit in Sebnitz.

 Schandauer Str. 62 | 01855 Sebnitz | | 035971 57592 | Deutsch